10000pcs/h Paper Egg Tray Production Line

Core Advantages of AGICO Paper Egg Tray Production Line

Investment Choice with Rapid Returns

This paper pulp egg tray making machinev offers an outstanding cost-performance ratio, ensuring swift returns on your investment. Regardless of your production scale, our paper pulp egg tray making machine will stand as your reliable partner.

Excellence in Drum Molding Technology

We lead the industry with drum molding technology that guarantees product quality and consistency. Each product undergoes precise molding, ensuring your products achieve exceptional standards in both appearance and functionality.

Efficient Space Utilization

Compared to other equipment with equivalent output, our paper egg tray production line occupies a smaller footprint. This means you can maximize production efficiency within limited factory space, thus enhancing overall productivity.

Efficient Drying Line Integration

Our production line is equipped with a highly efficient 6-layer metal drying system, ensuring rapid drying and shaping of products. This contributes to elevated production efficiency and reduced delivery times.

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Main equipment and specifications

Egg Tray Production Line
Capacity/hrTemplate size
Mould quantityPaperForming cyclePowerWater

paper egg tray making machine price

The price range for AGICO paper egg tray making machines varies from $8,000 to $20,000 USD. The overall price is higher for egg tray production lines, as they require multiple equipment components. Specific quotations depend on configurations and requirements. Below are some key factors affecting paper egg tray making machine prices:

Automation Level of Paper Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine
Automation Level of Paper Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine

Manual egg tray machines have lower automation levels, lower output, and are more affordable. Fully automatic egg tray machines, with higher automation levels and larger output, tend to be relatively more expensive.

Choice of Drying Method

The most cost-effective drying method for egg trays is natural drying, but it requires significant drying space and labor costs. Metal drying methods are quicker, offer larger drying capacity per unit of time, but they also come at a higher price.

Number of Additional Equipment Attachments

The cost of purchasing a standalone paper pulp egg tray making machine versus an entire egg tray production line varies significantly. An egg tray production line includes the egg tray machine and other auxiliary production equipment, leading to higher costs.

Case Studies and Customer Reviews

Iraq ZMDT8×8-10000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line Project

Recently, AGICO successfully exported a production line capable of producing 10,000 egg trays per hour to Iraq. The production line has been put into operation with remarkable returns. The AGICO ZMDT8×8 10,000 pcs/hr egg tray production line has received high praise from local customers.

“The quality of AGICO egg tray machines is guaranteed. We collaborated with AGICO two years ago on a ZMDT4×8-4000pcs/h egg tray production line, which has been running smoothly and generating substantial returns. This time, as we expanded our new factory, we chose to work with AGICO without hesitation.”

AGICO customer

Alshabib Abdul from Iraq

10,000 pcs/hr Egg Tray Production Line
The Prime Choice for Large-scale Egg Tray Manufacturing Enterprises


Outstanding Production Capacity

Our 8-sided rotary drum egg tray machine stands out among similar equipment with its impressive production capacity. Regardless of the scale of your production, our equipment can consistently deliver high-quality end products, ensuring not only meeting market demands but also maintaining an edge in fierce competition.

Meeting Large-scale Demands

For large-scale egg tray enterprises, sustained high output is the key to success. Our paper egg tray making machine efficiently manufactures a large number of products in each production cycle, whether it's egg trays or trays of other shapes. This means you can meet rapid market changes and high demand, ensuring timely order fulfillment.

Enhancing Production Efficiency

Our equipment signifies more than just high output; it maximizes production efficiency through precise craftsmanship and technology. You can rely on our paper egg tray making machine equipment to keep your production line running smoothly, reduce production cycles, and lower production costs.

Future Expansion Options

We are well aware of the constant market fluctuations and the evolving needs of businesses. Our ZMDT8×8 10,000 pcs/hr egg tray production line not only fulfills your current large-scale production requirements but also offers flexibility and possibilities for your future expansion.

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