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Various pulp molding machines for the egg cartons, apple tray, pulp wine shipper, paper coffee trays, and other paper pulp tray products making.

In order to facilitate your egg tray production, AGICO has designed two egg tray production lines with different configurations for you. Buy any egg tray production line, you can start your egg tray business. It is equipped with egg tray machines with corresponding output and various supporting production equipment for you. You can choose a fully automatic or semi-automatic egg tray production line. The main difference between them is price, degree of automation, and output.

fully automatic paper pulp egg tray making line

Automatic Paper Tray Making Line

semi automatic paper pulp egg tray making line

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

How to make egg tray

The paper egg tray manufacturing process requires four processes: pulping, forming, drying, and packaging. Each process has its own unique process characteristics and production equipment, AGICO will bring you a detailed interpretation.

egg tray raw material
Egg tray material preparation
paper pulping
Paper pulping
Egg tray molding
Egg tray drying
Egg tray packing

How to design your egg tray manufacturing plant

The figure below is the layout of a typical fully automatic egg tray production line. The egg tray manufacturing plant includes many egg tray machinery. According to the output of your egg tray making factory, the number of equipment will be different, and the required plant area will also be different. We will provide free factory layout design services. You don’t need to worry about how to place the egg tray production equipment you buy, and you don’t need to worry about the circuit and water pipe laying plan. AGICO is an expert in the field of egg tray production equipment. We have a professional solution design team. You only need to click the button to leave us a message, tell us your needs, and let us serve you.

AGICO egg tray production line

Multipurpose egg tray making machine

Do you think that buying egg tray making equipment can only produce pulp egg trays? The egg tray machine produced by AGICO supports the production of a variety of pulp molded products, and you only need to change different molds to start the production process of different products. We support the individual purchase and customization of various pulp molded products molds, such as apple tray mold, cup holder tray mold, shoes insert mold, wine tray mold, seed starter tray mold, etc.

egg tray machine workshop

Anyang General International Co., Ltd. (AGICO) is a comprehensive company specializing in environmental protection machinery manufacturing. We are not only a pulp molding machine manufacturer but also a developer and promoter in this field.

AGICO integrates scientific research and development, base production, online and offline sales, and is committed to facing the world, providing customers with first-class technology, engineering project contracting, and services. We have been deeply involved in the environmental protection machinery industry for more than 20 years. Egg tray machine equipment and pellet machinery are widely sold all over the world.

Our Products

The company’s hot-selling products include the egg tray making machine, egg tray production line, egg carton making machine, apple tray making machine, and other pulp molding machines. The pulp molded product is a new type of environmentally friendly inner packaging product that can replace EPS.PS foamed product packaging. The paper tray product has the function of shockproof protection, no pollution to the environment, and is 100% recyclable. It meets the environmental protection requirements of the “EU Environmental Protection Directive” for product exports, and is a new generation of green packaging.

Together with our customers

Customer visits AGICO
Swedish customers visit AGICO

Swedish customers visited AGICO headquarters and factories and spoke highly of our products. Finally, a 6000pcs/h egg tray production line was purchased.

Namibia customer photographed egg tray machine
Namibia customer photographed egg tray machine

A group of five customers from Namibia visited AGICO’s egg tray equipment workshop and listened to professional explanations from technicians. The final deal was a 4-sided drum-type egg tray machine.

With Egyptian customer at exhibition
With Egyptian customer at exhibition

Our staff took a group photo with visiting Egyptian customers at the International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. The final transaction was an automatic egg tray production line of 4000pcs/h.

Rwandan customers visit factory

The Rwandan customer considered upgrading the existing egg tray manufacturing equipment and listened to the introduction of the technical staff. Finally, 6-layer metal drying equipment and automatic stacking machine were purchased.

Technical support in Zambia
Technical support in Zambia

AGICO sent technicians to Zambia to guide customers in the construction of a fully automatic egg tray production line and equipment operation and commissioning. Customers are very satisfied with AGICO’s caring service.

Discuss project details with Canada client
Discuss project details with Canada client

The Canadian customer went to China to finalize the details of the large-scale pulp molding production line project with the AGICO team. Final transaction: fruit paper tray production line.

Quick quotation

Provide cost quotations for each production link, and support the configuration of solutions according to the customer's budget. You can have a small production egg tray making machine for only 6000USD, and you can also choose egg tray production line products with a higher budget.

Direct factory delivery

We are the designer and manufacturer of egg tray making machines, and we have our own factory. The pulp molding machine you buy will be shipped directly from our factory, without intermediary costs from agents.

Easy installation

We will send professional technicians to your factory to provide you with equipment installation guidance, machine commissioning, and operator training service. Solve all the problems before formal production in one-stop for you.

Free design

Free plant layout design, free customized raw material test machine service. According to your situation, we will calculate the input and output plan for you free of charge, and formulate the production plan of the most profitable paper molded product for you.

Worry-free transportation

We have nearly 30 years of experience in foreign trade sales, and we will definitely choose the best logistics solution for you. We have in-depth cooperation with logistics companies in many countries and regions. No matter where you are, AGICO can ensure that the equipment will be delivered to your factory safely and on time.

Intimate after-sales

You can contact us directly if you have any questions during the egg tray manufacturing process. Our experts will answer all questions for you so that you have no worries. AGICO will always be your egg tray production butler.

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